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Palmanhac is a family-owned production of fruit wines and aguardiente in the Palmela region.

The Creator of the Palmanhac brand was inspired by the nature of Portugal, citrus orchards that this region is rich with, plantations of luscious strawberries in the Palmela region, as well as by the widespread culture of consumption and production of sweet wines of Porto and Muscatel. Our philosophy is to make the impossible possible. Therefore, in our product line, you will find citrus wines with no analogs in technology, made from whole fruits of lemons and oranges, preserving all the vitamins and useful properties of the fruits. Besides, our lemon aguardiente is produced entirely from high-purity alcohols made exclusively from lemon wine, which has no analogs in the world of alcoholic production.

Bebida Espirituosa de Limão

Bebida Espirituosa de Laranja Moscatel

Aguardente de Limão

Bebida Espirituosa de Morango

Aguardente de Limão Envelhecido

Aguardente de Laranja

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We’re proud to be located in Setúbal Peninsula - a region of a mild climate, superb wines, and outstanding products.


We purchase our fruits from small farmers, delightful fruit gardens, and estates of Palmela municipality to support them and secure the quality of the fruits we use.


We produce unique beverages, as while making it, we not only carefully select the fruits but also use the whole fruits with their peels.

The Creator of the Palmanhac brand was inspired by the nature of Portugal

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Our goal is to produce

a unique product

At our factory, we combine the use of the latest equipment and technology for the production of wines from citrus fruits with the traditional methods of distillation in copper alembics. Our products are aged in oak barrels.

Our goal is to produce a unique product and, having a quite limited volume of beverage production, we pay special attention to each process. Since we do not use mass-production technologies, most of the processes are performed manually.